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  • slava-voynov-suspended-nhl
    Voynov suspended all of next season (including playoffs) due to unacceptable off-ice behaviour

    Former Los Angeles Kings defenceman Slava Voynov is going to have to wait at least another year before attempting another NHL return. The NHL announced Tuesday that they have suspended the 29-year old Russian for the entire...

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  • hankkingpileup
    NHL Goalie Interference Rule To See Change

    Over the years, the subject about the NHL’s goalie interference rule has been up to debate among coaches, players and officials. And as we’ve seen this season, there’s been more than enough examples to prove why the...

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  • Around the Games: Day 11 - 2014 Winter Olympic Games
    Gary Bettman Confident In NHL Olympic Decision

    Initially, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s decision to hold back the league’s players from participating in the Olympics was one that divided sports fans. However, as the Pyeongchang Olympics drew nearer, it seemed as though more and more hockey...

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  • Participants holding Chinese national flags and Beijing 2022 Olympic flags walk past the Birds' Nest, also known as the National Stadium, to attend a rehearsal of a performance in Beijing
    Beijing 2022 Could Help Bring The NHL Back

    Though the Pyeongchang winter Olympics have hardly even taken off yet, some people are already looking forward to the 2022 Beijing games. Though not everyone is unhappy with the NHL’s decision to prevent its players from competing...

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  • Gary Bettman
    How NHL Careers Could Be Affected As A Result of Olympics

    The media firestorm that has risen due to Gary Bettman’s decision not to release NHL players from the season to participate in the Olympics, has created some very polarizing opinions. Just to catch up, as covered on...

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  • 2017 NHL All-Star - Media Day
    Bettman not optimistic about NHL participation in 2018 Olympics

    If you’re hoping to see your favorite NHL players participate at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, well it’s safe to say things aren’t looking good right now. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman provided a somber...

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  • 636245171751578676--S8R9601
    Gary Bettman: “Coyotes must have new arena location to succeed”

    NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is not a happy camper about the Arizona Coyotes. As the franchise continues to struggle both competitively and financially, Bettman realizes that somethings gotta give before it’s too late. “The Coyotes current location...

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  • GTY 539762712 S SPO HKO HKN USA CA
    Bettman, Crosby Top The News In The National Hockey League

    National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman is anchoring a hell of a power play. His decision to allow – and I used that term loosely – the players to play in the 2018 Olympic Games in exchange...

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  • george-mcphee-bill-foley
    Las Vegas NHL franchise trademarks three different names

    The owner of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise Bill Foley has already decided on a name for the team. He just refuses to reveal it for the time being. “The name is definitely set,” said Foley....

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  • bettman-stakes-clear-position-on-nhl-participation-at-olympics-updates-expansion
    NHL to decide on expansion next month

    According to various sources, the NHL is expected to make a decision on whether or not they are going to expand prior to the upcoming NHL Board of Governors meeting in Las Vegas on June 22. “I’m not...

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