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    NHL DraftKings Pick ‘em lineup – December 14, 2017

    I haven’t been doing pick’ems much, but I haven’t had much luck with the regular lineup challenges so we’re gonna give this a shot. Got fuckin’ dusted in last night’s lineup challenge, finished like 1400 out of...

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    Wife of Former NHL Star Steps Forward Against Trump

    After dozens of accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct towards President Trump, a new woman has now stepped forward. The wife of Hockey Hall of Famer, Luc Ronbitaille, known for playing left wing with the Kings, Penguins...

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    NHL DraftKings lineup – December 12, 2017

    I’ve been straight up awful so far this year in the NHL with the DraftKings lineups. I always keep saying that hoping I will turn things around and finally end up in the money, but I don’t....

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    Iginla is out for the Spengler, doubtful he’ll play in Olympics

    It’s nearing one of the best hockey times of the year, for me at least. First and foremost… The World Fucking Juniors. There’s just so much good shit going on during this tournament, first off it starts...

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    Sports Betting in the US Could Be Unbanned

    Four of North America’s biggest sports leagues will battle the government on the ban of sports gambling. The Supreme court will hear the case as the leagues defend their view and could see the business of sport...

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    McDavid has lost 5-10 lbs. since he’s been sick

    The Oilers season has made a lot of fans sick so far, but their captain is actually sick and has been for the past 7-10 days. McDavid has been battling a flu-like illness but hasn’t missed any...

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    NHL Franchises are Buying Up Esports Teams

    A report once stated that the E-Sports industry was set to double by 2021, with revenue going from $1.8 billion to $3.5 billion. And as we’ve reported in the past, the industry has been on a rise...

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    DraftKings NHL Lineup – November 22, 2017

    Now, we’ve been over this before. My NHL record this year when it comes to DraftKings in 0 for (however many times I’ve played). So lots of losing so far this season, you could call me the...

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    McLellan reacts after getting pumped by the Blues

    The Oilers have lost 3 straight and are 7-12-2 on the season… yikes. And it doesn’t look to be getting any better for the Oil as they got absolutely run over by the Blues last night in...

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    KHL Looking to Prevent Players from Olympic Participation

    With only a few months to go before the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics kick off there are seemingly few professional hockey players on the list to attend the games, it also seems that the KHL is looking...

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