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    Raiders Stadium to Cost $1.8 Billion

    The decision to relocate the Oakland Raiders stadium, that same decision that has torn many of its fans apart, is now seeing an update on the progress behind the scenes. Since they decided to relocate a year...

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    Argo’s Offensive Coordinator accepts NFL Offer

    Until 2016, the Toronto Argonauts saw some rough ones. With complaints of a tiny budget as well as drama involving owner David Braley, the team struggled to become a successful franchise. It took the sale of the...

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    NFL admits they don’t know what a catch is

    The thing about the NFL is, that they just can’t stop getting in their own way as far as PR nightmares are concerned. Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliott, Ray Rice, what in the fuck is a catch? That...

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    Fox Makes Big Thursday Night Football Deal

    Ahead of Sunday’s Superbowl LII, it seems that broadcasters are getting ready to showcase the game all across the world. As more information regarding the big show is being released, it becomes more evident just what a...

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    Bud Light will keep promise to Philly of buying beer for the city

    In one of the best PR moves of all time, Lane Johnson of the Eagles promised to buy all of Philadelphia beer if they won the Superbowl, he said this back in August. Knowing how crazy the...

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    Sports Leagues Want A Cut Of Gambling Legalization

    We’ve seen it in many other areas of the government but ever since there were whispers of legalized sports gambling in the United States, it seems that more parties are gearing up to get their own piece....

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    CFL Players Are Hiding Their Concussions

    It’s been an ongoing issue in the NFL and football in general. It’s affected the well-being of many retired players, and in some cases, it’s affected the outcome of their lives. Concussions and by extension CTE has...

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    NFL Ratings Down Nearly Ten Percent

    The NFL has recieved some public controversy and backlash last year as it struggled to to keep some fans watching through the development of the “take a knee” initiated started by Colin Kaepernick. Back in the fall,...

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    3 Memorable Players We Lost In 2018

    Roy Halladay Long time baseball superstar who played most notably for Toronto and Philadelphia, enjoyed a long career before his retirement was one of the great pitchers. Amongst his twelve seasons with the Blue Jays, Halliday was...

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    Following Brief Return, Aaron Rogers Placed on IR

    Aaron Rogers finally returned to the NFL after collarbone surgery, which took him out of the game for a lengthy amount of time, only to discover that the Green Bay Packers were out of playoff contention. Placed...

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