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  • Serena Williams of the U.S. confers with her sister, Venus Williams, in the women's doubles tennis gold medal match against Czech Republic's Hlavackova and Hradecka at the London Olympic Games
    Venus Defeats Serena Williams

    The Venus and Serena Williams rivalry have been ongoing for the past twenty years. The two star tennis players have had their ups and downs but after finally making a comeback following the recent birth of her...

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  • pjimage
    Successful Women in Sports

    In honour of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d bring you a list of a few of the most famous women in sports today. Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey has somehow become one of the most famous MMA...

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  • williams-vogue
    Serena Williams Talks Post-Baby Complications

    The public’s perception of famous tennis star Serena Williams often borders on the classification of “royal family-esk obsession.” Her highly publicized life often brings the public into her personal struggles and successes more so than arguably most athletes....

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  • British-Tour-tennis-2017
    Tennis Association’s Failings Result in Sexual Misconduct

    The Lawn Tennis Association (the governing body of tennis in Great Britain) will be looking into its hiring process more deeply after coach, Daniel Sanders was sentenced to six years in prison for the sexual abuse of...

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  • 1280px-Venus_Williams_at_the_2009_Wimbledon_Championships_01
    Venus Williams Reportedly Not at Fault in Deadly Crash

    Back on June 9th, professional tennis player Venus Williams was involved in a car crash that killed a 78 year old man days after suffering various injuries and a broken arm as a result. Now, Williams will...

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    Roger Federer Passes Tiger Woods as Top Prize Money Earner

    Many believe the sport of golf to be the most profitable in terms of prize money. And over the years Tiger Woods has made $110 million in prize money since becoming a professional golfer back in 1996....

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  • 2015 Australian Open - Day 1
    Nick Kyrgios Fined After Quitting Match

    Tennis competitions typically establish an environment of civil competition, especially in comparison to other sports. Dress codes, spectator rules and other factors are put into place in order to cut out some of the potential drama, hostility,...

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  • cq5dam.web.1280.1280
    Tennis Clean of Doping?

    Tennis is often seen as a clean sport. When people think of doping, they think of sports like track and field, swimming and cycling. Until recently, tennis utilized the most affordable form of drug testing offered by...

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  • Wimbledon
    Petra Kvitova Makes Impressive Comeback Following Attack

    Only nine months following a knife attack in her home, Czech tennis champion Petra Kvitova is getting ready to return to the court. Back in December, a home invasion saw Kvitova attacked and robbed at knife point....

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  • nintchdbpict000336410935
    Investigation into Wimbledon Match-Fixing begins

    Following a suspicious number of early retirements in both the men’s and women’s singles, there was a question as to whether injured players were attending to collect appearance fees and later withdrawing following physical impairment. The London Tennis...

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