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Hayes: Talk Talk Talk

By on January 4, 2013

I’m sick of it.

Absolutely sick of the ridiculous dance the NHL and the NHLPA have been doing for the past six months.

I’m way past the point where, even for a minute, I can somehow have sympathy for either side in this dispute.

The owners, represented by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his deputy Bill Daly, are a bunch of greedy billionaires (as if there are any other kinds of billionaires) who believe no matter what they do the fans will come right back like a group of trained seals as soon as the arena doors reopen.

The way they treat their players is just like they treat their fans: always trying to get an extra dollar no matter how they do it.

The players are no better. They wanted this fight because they felt they lost the last one.

Guess what guys? You’re gonna lose this one too.

The idea they seem to have is they’re behaving the way they are out of principle.

Really? Salaries have gone up a million dollars per player since the last lockout. That’s roughly one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars per year, per player.

Remember, the economic situation has been disastrous worldwide during that timeframe, and yet these bozos are fighting for principle.

Spare me.

Both sides are so totally removed from reality, so close to their own little Wonderland, that they can’t seem to see the damage they’re doing.

It’s all fine and good to talk about a 50-50 share of hockey related revenue. The numbers are going to decline, and this time I don’t think they’ll come back as aggressively as they did last time.

The public perception this time is very different from the last one. It’s billionaires vs. millionaires and considering how the rest of us live, there are a lot of people who really don’t care.

The NHL and the NHLPA seem to think the fans will come back. And they might.

But it’s a very different dynamic than the last lockout and that makes it a very big gamble.

One that I certainly wouldn’t have taken.

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