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NSS LIVE – March 13, 2018

By on March 13, 2018


Today on NSS LIVE, Frank D’Angelo and the panel discuss the Rex Tillerson firing, evidence in Russia collusion case, Kushner loans, Betsy DeVos’ performance as¬†Secretary of Education, Nikolas Cruz, U.S. gun laws, latest Stormy Daniels rumours, Russian sex coaches, Vladimir Putin’s secrets, Gary Bettman’s stance on Olympics, Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions, elephant trophy hunting, Milan Lucic, Leafs win over Penguins, Canadiens struggles, french coaches, Patrick Roy’s legacy, NHL playoff format, and more.

Frank D’Angelo – host of “NSS LIVE”

John Gallagher – co-host, NSS LIVE

Bill Watters – former Toronto Maple Leafs assistant GM

Eric Cohen – co-host, NSS LIVE

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