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Sabres Fire GM Tim Murray and Head Coach Dan Bylsma

By on April 20, 2017

It was a disappointing season for the Buffalo Sabres, as once again, the young and talented playoff hungry team fell short on the opportunity to battle for hockey’s holy grail, The Stanley Cup.

For the sixth straight season, the Buffalo Sabres were excluded from playoff competition, which has resulted in continual frustration, frustration that the entire locker room has expressed, especially 2015 second overall pick Jack Eichel, who seemed to be the only bright spot on the season. With another losing season for a team who was sought out to be a competitor within the Eastern Conference, Eichel displayed his frustration in his season-ending media conference, “it’s tough, we’re not where we want to be.”

On April 20th, 2017, Terry and Kim Pegula, the majority owners of the Buffalo Sabres franchise, sided with Jack Eichel and the locker room, as they relieved the duties of General Manager Tim Murray and Head Coach Dan Bylsma. To many, this change in operations may be shocking, as a hard-working, dedicated General Manager and a Stanley Cup winning Head Coach is often the recipe for success in the NHL, especially for a young and upcoming team such as the Buffalo Sabres. However, ownership felt differently, “reviewing the past season and looking at the future of our organization, we thought we needed a change”, said Terry Pegula.

The process towards finding replacements is already in effect.

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