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Research Suggests Women At Higher Concussion Risk

By on December 14, 2017

While concussions in sport have always been an issue, it’s only been recently that athletes are actually standing up for protection against them and their right to proper long term health. With the introduction of helmets to the NHL in 1979 as well generally more safety protocols over the years, it’s evident that research has provided the basis for safety in sports. But new research has proven that female athletes are actually more susceptible to concussions to their male counterparts.

The study looked at both men and women retired athletes and looked at how potential concussions have effected their lives in coordination with their age, and background. Out of the women athletes, which comprised of soccer players, boxers and rugby players (the study was conducted in the UK), they apparently had a higher rate of concussions with double the amount of cases. In some cases, women even had four times the rate of concussions. Little is known about the reasoning behind this, but many are speculating that the difference has to do with genetics and hormones.

As of now, the direct reasoning remains unknown, but as a result, some boxing matches have had their match rounds reduced. Naturally, some female boxers are frustrated, believing the change to be unfair, with many citing it as a mark of sexism. As more information on the topic comes about, sports will likely adapt to the findings, just as hockey did almost 40 years ago.

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