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Pubs See Repeat Business for Sports

By on October 11, 2017

A recent survey made in the UK has come to the conclusion that sports watchers are more likely to return to the same pub if they’ve watched sports there before. This research along with other studies, can help pub owners grow with tips highlighting the key to customer loyalty. Furthermore, the study went on to prove that almost all sports-watchers prefer the pub atmosphere over traditional at home sports watching.

But not only are sports important to pubs, it’s a two way street. Especially in Europe where populations are more dense, sports fans often rely on the hospitality of pubs to watch a game and enjoy that feeling of communal viewership, not unlike theatre. Bar owners argue that watching the game in that atmosphere allows for a “social leveller” of sorts, bringing fans together by enhancing the feeling of community without any ticket price hierarchy and some of the other capitalistic stadium deterrents.

Truthfully, the pub is a safe space for fans to feel that same excitement, fear, successes and failures together. It’s those raw emotions shared together that create that communal feeling of exhilarating live theatre. Though none of this might not seem very new, but it’s important to understand, especially in a climate where media giants like Rogers and Bell are charging a premium to small pub owners who are just trying to drive business.

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