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NHL DraftKings lineup for Opening Night

By on October 3, 2018
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Hey folks it’s the start of the NHL season and I’ve been saving up all summer just to lose it all gambling! Can’t wait.

It’s a fairly light night in the NHL as far as opening nights go with only 4 games set to hit the frozen water (ice, if you will) so that means there will be less goal scoreres but technically speaking they should be easier to pick then… I guess?

Now seeing as I ended up about 1 for 179 last year, I’d tend to stay away from my picks but I’m only betting my money, so I can do whatever the hell I want. As usual I focussed only on the forwards and then rolled the dice with the goalie and defense. So without further adu, here is my starting lineup.

C: NAZEM KADRI Toronto Maple Leafs | #43 Salary: $5,100
C: MIKAEL BACKLUND Calgary Flames | #11 Salary: $5,000

W: MITCHELL MARNER Toronto Maple Leafs | #16 RW Salary: $6,000
W: T.J. OSHIE Washington Capitals | #77 RW Salary: $5,600
W: JAMES NEAL Calgary Flames | #18 RW Salary: $5,500

D: CAM FOWLER Anaheim Ducks | #4 Salary: $5,100
D: CHARLIE MCAVOY Boston Bruins | #73 D Salary: $4,600

G: MIKE SMITH Calgary Flames | #41 G Salary: $7,500

Utility: NICKLAS BACKSTROM Washington Capitals | #19 C Salary: $5,500

With the exception of the Canucks vs. Flames game, all the goalies in tonight have game stealing potential, so should I have maybe put more players from that game with the average goalies in it? Sure. But I’ve already commited to this lineup and if I go and make changes I’m sure that player will have a huge night then I’ll 2nd guess myself the rest of the season… and that’s reserved for the 2nd lineup of the year.

Good luck, I’ll see ya in the money.

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