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NHL Contenders and DraftKings Lineup

By on December 14, 2018
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It’s Friday night and believe it or not, that last lineup I posted ended up in the money, 1,080th out of 7,400… I’ll take it. Although I lose a lot, A LOT more than I win, I own up to it when I get dusted, so I get to do a little dancing when I finally win. The NHL has started to kind’ve fall into place regarding who is going to be a contender, who is in the chase and the really bad teams.

I’ll post who I think are the contenders and then who is going to be really bad and then you can just fill in the rest.

Contenders, real easy for me: Top 4 teams in the league: Bolts, Leafs (unless they play the fucking Bruins in the 1st round), Preds & Jets. I think the Stanley Cup Winner will probably come out of these 4 teams as of today, I’m really going out on a limb here picking the top 4 teams. My underdog pick to make a run is the Avalanche, If Varlamov can keep it together and that top line keeps pumping teams, they could get hot for 16 wins.

Shit teams: My fucking Canucks, Kings, Hawks, Devils, Blues. I think they’re trash, I think they think they’re trash. Schneider in New Jersey hasn’t won a game since it turned 2018, that is TOUGH to do. Emergency backup in Chicago that went in has a better chance of getting a W. It’s a shame, Hall dragged that team into the playoffs last year and now the team is tugging the other way to stay out of the playoffs. Anyway, they could improve, I really did not expect the Blues to be this much of a shit show, but they have that cute puppy on their social media so that’s nice.

Alright, now my DraftKings lineup.

C: EVGENY KUZNETSOV Washington Capitals | #92 C Salary: $6,000
C: CONNOR MCDAVID Edmonton Oilers | #97 C Salary: $8,000

W: ALEX DEBRINCAT Chicago Blackhawks | #12 LW Salary: $5,000
W: REILLY SMITH Vegas Golden Knights | #19 RW Salary: $5,100
W: MARK STONE Ottawa Senators | #61 RW Salary: $5,800

D: BRIAN DUMOULIN Pittsburgh Penguins | #8 D Salary: $3,300
D: MATT NISKANEN Washington Capitals | #2 D Salary: $4,400

G: CRAIG ANDERSON Ottawa Senators | #41 G Salary: $7,500

Utility: BRYAN LITTLE Winnipeg Jets | #18 C Salary: $4,700

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