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New Findings on Left-Handed Advantage in Sports

By on November 22, 2017

Sports scientists in Germany have recently conducted a study into the c0rrelation between sports and left-handed players. Looking specifically into the advantage of being left-handed over the alternative, scientist Florian Loffing has now found a pattern across multiple sports and has published his results in a book called the Biology Letters.

Often times, left-handed athletes are more often on rankings lists among top athletes in their respective sports. And looking at the stats, only ten percent of people are actually left handed while some of the world’s most famous sports stars are part of the clan. Looking at the top hundred players across major sports from 2009 to 2014, he looked at numbers and compared them. Loffing’s findings recognized that these players were more successful in games with shorter time constraints. That being said, basketball, cricket and ping pong players also saw lefties excel at the game.

As seen throughout history, there have been more lefties participating in traditional warlike societies, which now makes sense thanks to Loffing’s findings of their response times. And while previous research has shown connections between lefties and the usage of both brain hemispheres, Loffing was more interested in statistics. Perhaps these statistics are simply a physical manifestation of this previous research regarding mind-hand relations. This kind of makes you wonder if coaches should start looking more closely at which hand a player prefers to use.

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