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NCAA Corruption Could Result in Massive Overhaul

By on February 28, 2018

In the wake of the massive report that exposed the NCAA’s underground recruiting operation that was investigated by FBI, it seems as though many public sports figures are criticizing the league, with some even calling for a full-on boycott of the upcoming championships. The report itself came from Yahoo who brought to light an FBI corruption probe that discovered that the NCAA had violated several rules which could only be categorized under corruption charges.

Several schools have been identified as having taken part in these activities which are linked to at least 25 NCAA players who received numerous benefits that can only be described as corrupt.  When the FBI officially releases the details of the investigation, the NCAA could likely face sanctions as a result of the massive wiretapping and long-haul monitoring investigation fo the league. What’s more is that some of the leagues top players, coaches and others could be incriminated following the release of details regarding the investigation. Specifically, what is currently known is that various players have received suspicious payments spanning $10,000 to over $70,000.

Many higherups in the NCAA are already turning their heads in denial but ultimately a significant reconstruction of the league is about to unfold. If true, the NCAA will get ripped to shreds and, if it’s lucky, it’ll survive this scandal with a complete leadership overhaul. If it’s unlucky, jail time might be issued and basketball personality, LaVar Ball’s dream of a brand new basketball league could become a reality much more quickly.

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