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Lance Armstrong and the $100 Million Lawsuit

By on February 14, 2017

Lance Armstrong attempted to block a 100 million dollar lawsuit against him for his 2010 performance drug use. Following his admittance of using performance enhancing drugs seven times in six years, Armstrong was banned from the race. Naturally, lawsuit after lawsuit, he’s been forced to face many companies and business contacts as per the repercussions of his disgraceful, fraudulent actions.

Over the years, this has affected Armstrong in various ways, including over ten million dollars in various lawsuits related to the incident. But this recent lawsuit’s reasoning is outlined as fraud against the government. The accuser, Floyd Landis, claims that the company operating the Postal Service Banner (which took Armstrong on), has encountered so much negativity following the Armstrong revelations, that it deserves the money as a reclamation of sorts. Others disagree, saying that Armstrong has made the company millions of dollars, counterbalancing the company’s defamatory claims.

Many of Armstrong’s business have declined, including his flagship Livestrong cancer charity, which, following their disassociation with Armstrong and his brand, has seen their business plummet. With so much controversy facing Armstrong following his admittance in 2012, it’s difficult to say whether he will ever be able to ride again.

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