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Horseball – Taking the Rising Sport for a Ride

By on October 11, 2017

A relatively new sport in Australia is starting to gain some traction. A town in Queensland called Mirani just introduced horse ball to new riders in the area last weekend, opening them up to a world of new horse-related sporting possibilities. Horse ball has gained lots of traction in Europe already and Australia is now seeing the sport take off as well. The British team in particular utilizes their horses which have been retired from racetracks in an effort to keep their noble steeds active and relevant.

The sport itself sees two teams of four riders and horses facing off in a basketball-like scenario in order to score goals in a net at the opposite team’s end zone. Players participate in an arena, passing the ball from one teammate to an another and the ball is turned over when it is dropped to the ground. Part of the reason the sport has begun to grow is due to the fact that riders typically outgrow horse racing at around the age of 17. As an answer to that, horseball would ideally bridge that gap.

Trying to break it into the horse ball scene simply requires a race horse to be retrained. And now that the sport has begun to take off, people are even buying horses specifically for horse ball. What’s most fascinating is that not only are the players expected to master a sport, but they also have to teach their horse to play well too.

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