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FIFA Suspends Pakistan Team

By on October 11, 2017

It seems that governing body of FIFA has suspended the Pakistan Football Federation due to “3rd party interference”. Apparently the Federation’s accounts are in control of a court appointed administrator while FIFA insists that each team must manage itself without any influence from outside sources and third parties. What’s really important about Pakistan’s suspension is that they will no longer be able to take part in FIFA competitions and consequently all benefits that come with it.

FIFA has recently stated that the suspension would be lifted when the team has regained complete and sole access to their accounts. This rare move comes after a 2015 suspension of Indonesia for similar meddling with their football association. Naturally the PFF president is not happy about the suspension, believing it to halt progress in the country’s growing sport and putting their professional players’ careers in danger. The PFF president even contacted the country’s prime minister but with little resolve.

Among some of the repercussions of this manoeuvre, the 2018 FIFA cup trophy tour may not be visiting the country, therefore blocking the opportunity for promotion of the country and its involvement with the sport further. All that said, it’s likely that this suspension will eventually be lifted when the government starts to notice the negative impacts of their unlawful interferences.

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