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Tennis Clean of Doping?

By on September 13, 2017

Tennis is often seen as a clean sport. When people think of doping, they think of sports like track and field, swimming and cycling. Until recently, tennis utilized the most affordable form of drug testing offered by Wada labs.

Tennis are often looked at as a sport with less coverage and is therefore moderated likewise. Drug testing samples are known to come in positive at a third of the rate as other Olympic sports, with less than half of them getting suspended. Tennis doesn’t search for synthetic testosterone or EPO, the two most abused substances with the most considerable benefits, making their testing methods less than accurate. Furthermore, a proper anti-doping program capable of testing for EPO and HGH would likely cost the sport nearly an additional $2 million a year.

Knowing all this, is tennis truly a clean sport? It’s hard to know. Certainly, they maintain the perception of a clean sport, but it’s difficult to tell whether or not people are simply afraid to ask. Especially in a world where an entire country’s representation can be a part of a mass athletic doping scheme, it might be time for tennis to change their stance and update their regulations to keep their sport as clean as the public believes it to be.


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