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Combat Sports & Their Effect on Violence

By on August 2, 2017

Watching live sports has been a pastime of civilization for hundreds of years. Seeing opponents wage war against each other has been something that sparks an interest in a large part of our society. While some sports are competitive in a more playful sense, others like wrestling and mixed martial arts are more directly combative. The question of whether or not they instigate a urges of violence within the viewer is debatable.

Combat sports cynics believe that they negatively impact the development of the moral codes of youth. Typically, people who are familiar with combat sports or who play them personally understand them, while those who are less familiar, seem to disapprove of them. And it’s not necessarily without reason since people have historically died in the wrestling ring or cage, as was seen with the amateur Edmonton MMA fighter who was killed last year with a blow to the head. But there’s something to be said about the transformative nature of stepping into a confined coliseum and use skill and instinct to defeat an opponent.

But perhaps most children are brought up fighting in some way or another. Whether it’s with siblings, schoolmates, or in an amateur league, combat is something that emerges from deep within human beings. Even karate can accept children as young as 4 years old. And while some may argue the difference between self-defence and combat sports, either way, they’re, to some extent, endorsing s form of violence. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that there simply isn’t enough research to give a well versed opinion on how combat sports can effect people psychologically.

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