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    NHL Contenders and DraftKings Lineup

    It’s Friday night and believe it or not, that last lineup I posted ended up in the money, 1,080th out of 7,400… I’ll take it. Although I lose a lot, A LOT more than I win, I...

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    NHL DraftKings lineup for 11/12/18

    Busy busy night in the NHL, I love it, gonna be glued to the TV and do some serious watching. 10 games hitting the ice and there are some back-ups getting the start so I’m gonna hammer...

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    NHL DraftKings Lineup

    9 games set for the NHL tonight and we’re gonna pick some players that are gonna fill the net with rubber and hopefully one goalie that stops it from happening. Know what I just found out? The...

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    Markieff Morris fined $15,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct

    Full transparency, I’m a pretty new basketball fan and all that… started watching cause the Raptors starting winning (during the regular season) and I started paying more attention to the league as a whole and holy shit...

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    Tavares and Matthews snipe as Leafs down Habs in OT

    I mean, I was ready for some regular season hockey action about halfway through August, especially with that JohnnyT signing. What better opponent than the Montreal Habitants or whatever their French pronunciation is, I’m not getting a...

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    NHL DraftKings lineup for Opening Night

    Hey folks it’s the start of the NHL season and I’ve been saving up all summer just to lose it all gambling! Can’t wait. It’s a fairly light night in the NHL as far as opening nights...

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    Relive the top 10 goals & saves of the NHL season

    What an NHL season it’s been, full of storylines and drama. No story bigger in my mind than the Vegas Golden Knights who started their season off with a tragedy in the city they’re representing. They finish...

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    Sean Monahan has had 4 surgeries since March 24th

    Uhhh, yikes. You hear about players that end the season or get eliminated from the playoffs and have to have a surgery or two… but Monahan having to get 4 surgeries is pretty bonkers. To top it...

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    If Tiger & Phil have a spontaneous comeback, it’d be fantastic

    With Phil getting a victory this weekend in Mexico and Tiger finishing the best he has since 2015 last weekend at the Honda Classic, I’m getting real fucking fired up to watch golf on the weekends again....

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    NHL DraftKings lineup – March 5, 2018

    5 games set to hit the frozen water tonight around the world best hockey league, the NHL. 5 Canadian teams are all facing off, none against each other, unfortunately. Leafs vs. Sabres 7:30PM Flames vs. Penguins 7:00PM...

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