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3 Memorable Players We Lost In 2018

By on January 2, 2018

Roy Halladay

Long time baseball superstar who played most notably for Toronto and Philadelphia, enjoyed a long career before his retirement was one of the great pitchers. Amongst his twelve seasons with the Blue Jays, Halliday was an eight time all star winner and lost his life far too prematurely at the age of 40. In an unfortunate plane incident, Halladay who had just recently purchased a recreational airplane and embraced flying as one of his past times, crashed it in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jake LaMotta

The Raging Bull himself, Jake LaMotta passed away at the age of 95. Although his personal life was somewhat troubled and endured marital and family issues throughout his life, LaMotta embraced all of his talents whether it be boxing, acting or stand up comedy. Unfortunately, he passed away back in September due to pneumonia complications.

Aaron Hernandez

Although he left a black mark on the NFL due to his entanglements with the law by means of drugs and murder, in his initial career as a tight end was nothing short of memorable. Playing for the New England Patriots and catching passes made by Tom Brady, it was clear that he was a talented player. It was however unfortunate that he died by means of suicide following a life sentence in jail for murder. After the fact, Hernandez’ body could be the game changer for research involving CTE which leaves a silver lining in an otherwise tragic player’s life,

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