Balancing the pros and cons of steroid use

  • In the professional athletic world, steroids have long been frowned upon as a means of cheating nature and the hard work required to obtain and keep a strong body. Steroid use has always been a hot topic around the world of baseball as many top scoring athletes have faced expulsion from the game and the hall of fame for their steroid use as it is felt they are setting bad examples for every day individuals.
    Steroid use can produce a volatile range of emotions among the common person as well. Anabolic steroid use can have negative and positive side effects for you as well, and before you determine if you should use them, you need to understand what they can do for you, and how they can hurt you. If a healthy body is your goal, steroid use can help you look healthier, while at the same time destroying your health.
    There are healthy times in which anabolic steroids are used in the medical world for bone marrow stimulation, growth hormone stimulation, and to help young men reach puberty if their bodies lack the proper hormones to do so on their own. Body builders also use anabolic steroids in combination with a healthy diet to produce lean muscular bodies for themselves. It is true that using steroids will produce an immediate change in your appearance and abilities, however, before jumping on the band wagon to a quick better body, also understand how they can hurt you. Remember that painkillers are used in modern medicine as well, but abuse of them can leave behind painful addiction, so not everything that has a medical use is good for you.
    The overuse of steroids will affect everybody differently as our bodies while being made from the same composition, contain a different equation of each element. While some people may not face or see the negative side effects from occasional anabolic steroid use, other people will face the consequences right away. This is especially true of women for whom the overuse of steroids can cause an increase in testosterone which can result in giving them manlike traits, such as thinning and balding hair, increased facial hair, increased acne breakouts, swelling, and deepening voices. All of these side effects can be present in men as well, but they are less noticeable.
    The overuse of steroids also can cause life threatening diseases such as liver failure, kidney damage, and an increased risk for early heart attack. The physical manifestations mentioned earlier are signs that the body is weakening internally and users of steroids need to constantly monitor their internal organs to access the damage being done. Any weight loss or muscle building plan that involves constant monitoring of the body’s major organs seems hardly worthwhile in exchange for a quick change in personal appearance. It is healthier and better for you if you simply start developing a plan to eat right and exercise regularly instead of taking steroids.